"More than four times times the" return of interest after the performance of the contract

Here, we have to remind borrowers Note: mutually agreed interest rates more than four times, in the completion of borrowers sued, calling for more than four times times the part be returned. Support to the above request, judicial practice is that has performed more than four times the return of interest is not a decree. The reason is according to the law: both sides agreed by the parties "not to exceed similar lending rates four times over the same period, more than part of a protected" according to this article: "excess does not protect" does not protect the lender to charge more than some, are not protected by returning excess parts. Borrowing people can again perform during refused to paid more pay of interest, but has more pay of part belongs to gift part, according to procedure 185th article provides of gift behavior, belongs to one-way contract, borrowing people right to exercise revoked right, but both agreed of situation Xia, and by gift people that loan people no violation revoked right content of provides, borrowing people has no right to exercise revoked right, that requirements returned more pay of part Court will not support. [ BACK
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